See more of my sims and their antics on my Simblr!

With that aside, thank you so much for following my blog! Though I admit that I am a fickle writer, I put a lot of thought and emotion into my stories and hope that you will enjoy them. I put a warning on the front page of each of my stories, however I will put a warning here as well. Most, if not all, of my stories have mature content in them! Whether that means there is triggering / upsetting content or nudity is up in the air (each story is different, after all) and I want everyone to have a clear understanding of the possibility of seeing such content. I do not shy away from dark, gritty topics, and know that more often than not uncomfortable or upsetting topics come up in my stories!

If you are interested in knowing what stories I am planning to start in the future, you can find all of my current teaser images here.

Thanks so much again! 🙂


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